Laura Jarvis

Professional Dressage Rider

Really feeling the difference having started going to Rebecca's Pilates class every week! 

I have suffered from tight thoracic, creating shallow breathing and can't believe how much better I'm feeling! A great idea for all level of rider to develop strength and maintain a healthy working body

Lucy Jefferies

The treatment I had from Rebecca for my shoulder was brilliant. She quickly identified the area causing my discomfort and worked on it but also the associated areas to maximise the effect of the treatment. 

Being pregnant meant that Rebecca was careful to find a balance for me in terms to pressure and depth to the treatment so that I benefitted. I would absolutely recommend Rebecca and look forward to my next treatment.

Rosanna Elizabeth Bailey

I had been having trouble with my back and asked if Rebecca could have a look at it for me as I felt is was a muscular issue. The care I received before, during and after the treatment was excellent and professional. 

My back is back to normal which is fantastic, thank you Rebecca. Highly recommended.

Ian Stone

Cricket Player 

I had picked a lower back injury from playing cricket and Rebecca identified the area causing the problem. She gave me a sports massage in my lower back and shoulders.

 I was also given some exercises to do. After a few days I was feeling much better and a much improved range of movement.

Victoria Humphrey

Professional Dressage Rider 

Since working with Rebecca my body awareness has improved massively.  I regularly attend Pilates classes which have helped me build on strengthening my weaknesses and improve my overall fitness. 

My riding has also improved in general and my body awareness has helped develop the lateral work when training.

I also have regular sports massages with Rebecca which has also had a positive effect on my riding and comfort